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Custom Wedding Candles

Custom Colored Soy & Beeswax Wedding Candles for Your Special Day


Compliment Your Wedding Decor

Compliment your wedding décor with all natural soy candles, thoughtfully designed to match your wedding color theme and hand poured to the shape and size of your choosing.

Custom Colors Match Any Theme

Candles are a classic staple of wedding décor, whether your wedding is vintage themed, rustic décor, or a traditional style wedding. Create a warm, twinkling light and invite conversation at your wedding dinner tables. Perhaps you envision tealights and small votive candles scattered across vintage themed wedding tables amidst greenery and glittering. Or tall, simple pillar candles, gathered in groups in the table’s center. Or your wedding might feature slender taper candles, placed in polished candlesticks or rustic holders and casting dappled shapes of light and shadow.

Whatever combination of candle shape and custom color you choose, the kind, personable folks at Madeline Island Candles will help you find the right wedding candles for your own unique wedding. Our candles are made with all natural materials, so if you are planning a green wedding, an all natural wedding, or are choosing sustainable wedding decorations, our soy and beeswax candles are the right choice for you.

Our candles are all hand poured and handmade by residents of Madeline Island, so you’ll know that your candles will be carefully and beautifully crafted.


A Madeline Island Wedding

A recent example of our wedding candles, used in a gorgeous wedding on Madeline Island:

The wedding tent was strewn with twinkling white lights, and green tree branches were cleverly attached to the tent posts, giving the tent a feeling of magic and nature. Greenery, plants, and pottery along the table tops enhanced the natural theme, and the warm twinkling lights of the many lit and many sized wedding candles filled the tent. This custom color, “Coole Park Wedding Green", was specifically chosen by the bride to match and compliment the lighter colors of the wedding color theme.

Our all natural beeswax taper candles were used both inside hurricane glass candleholders, and also placed in beautiful wooden candle holders made from birch tree trunks. Small green soywax candles in glass votive holders were scattered throughout the display, perfectly matching the color of the beeswax tapers. A magical Madeline Island wedding.

Ready to plan your own special day? Contact Michael at to discuss your wedding candles options and how to best decorate your wedding event.

All featured wedding candle photography copyright Kim Thiel Photography